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Charleston's Unique Home Features: What Makes a Property Stand Out

A unique property often sells faster and for a higher price if it is presented properly to the public. Charleston, South Carolina, renowned for its historical charm and waterfront proximity, is ideal for real estate buyers seeking distinctive properties with unique features. 

In this coastal region, where the past meets the present, the role of the CHS Regional MLS cannot be understated when showcasing the many options available to homebuyers. By fine-tuning listing filters, real estate professionals can highlight everything from a property’s architectural style and exterior finish to lot descriptions like beach and marsh-front features.

Sellers who choose to work with MLS-listed realtors take advantage of so many listing tools unavailable to the public. These important advancements in real estate marketing not only attract the right buyers to the right properties but they also play a key role in Charleston’s robust housing inventory. Homes continue to see fewer days on the market, year over year, and sell for higher median prices. Here are some distinct reasons why Charleston, SC home features are so sought after. 

Rainbow Row historic pink home with black shutters in Charleston, SC

Charleston’s Architectural Diversity

Charleston's architectural landscape is a testament to its rich history and new-wave interest. From the historic pre-Civil War homes to the newly constructed Charleston single-family houses and its charming townhouses, each property holds its allure for buyers. The preservation efforts in the city ensure that these architectural treasures retain their authenticity, attracting buyers who appreciate the timeless beauty of historic homes.

Historic waterfront homes along the Charleston battery

Waterfront Living

Charleston's waterfront and marshfront living adds another layer of appeal to its real estate market. With so many coastal options and waterfront views, properties along the Charleston shoreline are in high demand. Whether it's a grand estate overlooking the harbor or a quaint cottage nestled by the marshes, waterfront properties offer not only visual luxury but also access to a lifestyle for those looking to boat, fish, or simply relax.

Cobblestone garden with a table and chairs in the Charleston historic district

Outdoor Amenities

One of the best ways to increase curb appeal of a property is through outdoor amenities. In the Charleston, SC region, they play a pivotal role in enhancing the allure of homes. Professionally designed gardens, landscaped yards, extensive outdoor kitchens, in-the-ground pools, and hardscaped patios create serenity amidst the hectic feeling of city life. These outdoor spaces serve as extensions of the home, perfect for entertaining guests or unwinding after a long day, adding significant value to the property.

A row of beautiful, historical homes in Charleston, SC

The Appeal of Historical Homes

Many buyers love the idea of owning a part of the past. Homes with historical significance hold a special attraction for buyers seeking their own piece of Charleston's storied history. Whether it's a residence with ties to prominent historical figures or a meticulously restored colonial-era home, these properties offer more than just a place to live; they offer a connection to the city's heritage. 

Often, homes with historical significance are labors of love. They require more than turn-key ownership. Prospective owners must understand what level of commitment they would make after a sale. The CHS Regional MLS plays a key role in highlighting the historical charm of these properties, ensuring that buyers fully appreciate their significance and understand all of their unique features. This level of transparency smooths the sales process for both buyer, seller, and real estate professionals. 


Unique home features are one of the most prioritized search criteria for real estate buyers in Charleston, SC. From the architectural diversity that reflects the city's rich history to the allure of waterfront living and the charm of homes with historical significance, each aspect contributes to the appeal of properties in this vibrant region.

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