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Taking Notes


CHS Regional MLS operates under Bylaws and Rules & Regulations that are a combination of locally relevant policy and NAR mandated  language. They are updated on a regular basis, under Board of Director approval.

CHS Regional MLS Bylaws

The bylaws explain the structure and processes of the organization and leadership. 

CHS Regional MLS Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations cover the specific details of the MLS practices, functions, and what is permissible to keep the MLS collaborative, supportive and accurate. 

Typing on a Computer


The CHS MLS fines system helps to keep the system accountable to accuracy as a priority, in order to encourage collaboration and reliability. Our goal is to help you avoid a fine, every time. Download the fines cheat sheet for quick reference, but be sure to read the rules and regulations, as well. When in doubt, reach out at, and we'd love to have the opportunity to help. 


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