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Your Listings On-The-Go

Updated: Mar 6

We know you're always on the move, and juggling endless tasks. FBS Data, the provider of our Flexmls platform, knows too! They are always working to continue developing and improving their mobile app, Flexmls Pro, knowing it is vital to your business.

In recent years, effort has been devoted by their product and programming teams to ensure that your UI experience is similar across devices - helping your work to flow seamlessly from one step to another, even if you end up between devices throughout the day.

With the Flexmls Pro App, you have the ability to edit price, status, and photos (plus marketing activities if using the Android app) on your listings using your phone or tablet.

If you're not comfortable navigating the app, explore these videos for iOS and Android to see how the magic happens!

Flexmls Pro App - iOS (skip to 4:38 for editing listings)

Flexmls Pro App - Android (skip to 4:07 for editing listings)

Reach out to the team with any questions at



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