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What listing status should you use?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

CHS MLS has made a few changes to the Rules & Regulations that will make virtual opportunities easier for you and your clients to navigate this unprecedented time together.

You MAY NOW leave your listing in the Active status, and not be required to do in-person showings. This change adapts to our current situation, and allows sellers that do not want to take their home off the market - but do not want showings - to leave their home up for sale.


  • Your seller still wants to sell, just does not want showings under the COVID-19 concerns

  • In-person showings temporarily not required

  • DOM will accrue as normal

  • Listing will syndicate to IDX and third party portals as normal


  • Your seller wants to "pause" everything during COVID-19 concerns

  • DOM will not accrue

  • Listing will not syndicate to IDX and third party portals

  • Listing is still under an active listing agreement and therefore SHOULD NOT BE SOLICITED


  • Your seller wants to take their home off the market

  • There is no longer an active listing agreement in place


While our building is closed through April 13 at this time, the MLS Team is working our regular hours (M-F, 9-5), and providing the usual MLS Support. Call or email us anytime.

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