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Updated Fields and Green Features

In an effort to modernize certain fields and data in the MLS database, as well as remain up-to-date with the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO), you'll see a few field updates, detailed below, on March 18. On the Details Input Tab, Miscellaneous Exterior, Interior, Green Features and Garage/Parking all have new additions. The new enumerations (picklist items), will help you advertise and search for houses in a more detailed way.

Miscellaneous Exterior

Outdoor Kitchen

Electric Gate



Covered Courtyard

Miscellaneous Interior


Coffered Ceilings

Green Features

We have two new additions that will be added to Green Features. Both additions will be conditional. If you select these features, an additional field set will open that will be required for you to complete the information.

  • Solar Panels If you select Solar Panels under Green Features, another required detail group will pop up with the following options: Lease, Own (check boxes) and Location (a text field).

  • Generator | Backup Generator If you select Generator | Backup Generator, another required detail group will pop up with the following options: Natural Gas, Propane (check boxes) and  Location (a text field)


We've added the enumeration Car Charging Station to the Garage/Parking field set.

  • Car Charging Station  If you select car charging station, another required detail group will pop up with the following option:  Location (a text field).

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