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The Power of CHS Regional MLS: Exploring the Top 5 Features of Flexmls

If you are a Charleston real estate agent, you want to get your property in front of as many buyers as possible. Having access to a robust Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is crucial to serving your client to the fullest. That’s why we here at CHS Regional MLS are passionate about what we do, and about our core tool - the innovative Flexmls platform by FBS Data. 

Flexmls offers a wide range of features that empower real estate professionals to navigate the market with ease and efficiency. As one of the top MLS platforms available on the market, they serve 158 MLSs nationwide and over 325,000 users. Let’s explore the top five features of CHS Regional MLS with Flexmls and how they are transforming how buyers, sellers, and real estate agents do business.


Ease of Use

Flexmls boasts an intuitive user interface that simplifies the real estate workflow. Its streamlined navigation ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing agents to access the tools they need quickly and efficiently. Based on user data and research, each menu, tab, and field has been carefully designed to mirror actual workflows in a real estate professional’s daily life. FBS Data is always working to make small and large updates that ensure the interface is top-notch.

Flexmls offers customizable dashboard and layout options, enabling real estate professionals to tailor their workspace to their specific needs. This intuitive interface enhances productivity by saving time and reducing frustration, allowing agents to focus on what matters most: serving their clients and closing deals.

Advanced Search Capabilities

One of Flexmls' standout features is its advanced search capabilities. Real estate professionals can use a wide variety of filters to fine-tune property searches and find what they are looking for. Reducing irrelevant listings and delivering properties that match buyer wants and needs was once a time-consuming task. The ability to provide clients with highly targeted property options can increase client satisfaction–and closing rates–significantly.

Does your client desire a certain zip code or school district? No problem! The platform provides a map-based search visualization, which helps agents gain a visual understanding of property locations and their proximity to amenities, schools, and other key features. These advanced search capabilities increase property discovery, ensuring that clients find the perfect property, ultimately leading to efficiency and responsiveness.

Pro Tip: Map overlays can outline counties, parcels, and even flood zones, which is especially helpful in Charleston!


Mobile Accessibility

Flexmls is accessible on the go from mobile devices, allowing Charleston real estate agents to stay connected and responsive in the field. This feature is invaluable in a profession where time is of the essence. Agents can access property information, communicate with clients and colleagues, and even make updates while away from the office. Mobile accessibility with Flexmls is a game-changer, ensuring that agents never miss a beat in a competitive market.

Flexmls apps feature the Spark® API offering agents a consistent experience unlike others. Agents only learn one software product whether in the office or on the road. The Flexmls app and desktop system transition seamlessly.


Collaboration and Communication Tools

Effective collaboration and communication are key to success in the real estate industry, and Flexmls recognizes this. The platform offers seamless communication tools within the platform, making real estate teams more efficient and effective. Agents can share listings, notes, and updates easily, streamlining the process of working together to close deals. Additionally, Flexmls provides tools that enhance agent-client communication, fostering stronger relationships and better service.


Market Analytics and Reporting

Staying ahead of the market is crucial for real estate professionals, and Flexmls delivers with its comprehensive market data and analytics tools. Users can access detailed insights into market trends, pricing, and historical data. Flexmls also allows for the creation of customized reports, empowering agents to make informed decisions and provide valuable insights to their clients. With this feature, real estate professionals can position themselves as market experts and offer unparalleled service to their clients.

Pro Tip: Use filters to customize the Market Trends Graph and get the information you need.


The CHS Regional MLS, powered by Flexmls, offers real estate professionals a suite of tools and features that can make all the difference. From its intuitive user interface and advanced search capabilities to mobile accessibility, collaboration tools, and market analytics, Flexmls equips agents with everything they need to succeed. We encourage real estate professionals to leverage Flexmls to stay competitive in today's market and invite them to explore the training opportunities available for continuous improvement. 

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