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Remine Feature Updates

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We're thrilled to announce Remine’s improved property details page. After listening to feedback they've created a sleek and more intuitive design for Remine users. You'll be wowed by the upgraded and agent friendly page available for use on April 19, 2021. Below are a few of the updates you can expect to see.

Updated 'Quick View' Option

Open less tabs by utilizing this 'quick view' option which slides on the screen for ease of use.

Updated Historical Listing Information

Find key details such as price changes, status changes, and transaction dates in the listing history section.

Quick Access to Tax Data

Access pertinent tax data when researching for listing appointments or creating a listing.

Added Date Stamp to Public Record

View up to date and time stamped public record data on every property.

Owners and Associated People Layout

Experience an updated layout and differentiation between owners and associated people in a household.

Other Features

Other notable features we've added during this feature update include, video, supplemental documents, and better visibility on photos.

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