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  • Caitlin Webb

New! Make a Saved Search Your Default Flexmls Login Page

Updated: 2 days ago

Beginning May 25th, to help you work faster in Flexmls, our MLS vendor, FBS Data is adding a new Dashboard customization. Under General Preferences, you will be able to set one of your Saved Searches as the default page that loads upon login, saving you time and making it much easier to access your most frequently used search.

Currently, you can set Quick Search as the default page instead of the Dashboard. This new feature allows you to further customize your experience by launching your most used Saved Search in just one click, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

ACTION: To update, navigate to the Flexmls Menu > General Preferences > Dashboard > First Page Viewed After Logging In and select the Saved Search you would like to use.

You can still access the default Dashboard by clicking on the Flexmls logo in the upper left corner of the screen. All dashboards can also be accessed via the Menu in Flexmls.

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