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MLS Launchpad Upgrade

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

With your MLS membership, you have access to the MLS Launchpad - a single sign-on (SSO) dashboard at no additional cost, from our security provider Clareity Security. This SSO dashboard allows you to access multiple tools that require credentials with just one login!

Beginning Wednesday, October 25, Clareity Security is releasing an upgrade to the MLS Launchpad with a more modern user interface.

With the upgrade, you'll also be able to save your credentials in your login page fields, making each login easier than ever!

Two new widgets will launch as well. You'll see a new message center with the latest news from CHS MLS. And, you'll have a new links widget to save your most frequently used links from anywhere on the web.

All of the links and icons currently on the dashboard will remain, so nothing is leaving or changing in terms of access or tools. The layout of the user interface is all that is changing, plus the new features mentioned.


Will any of the icons I am used to disappear? No! None of the actual content is changing. ONLY the interface. Can I save my login credentials in the fields? YES! Our security vendor, Clareity Security, has navigated the challenging feat of retaining security protocol while allowing the username and password fields to retain your credentials for an easier login process. Remember, you are NOT allowed to share your MLS login with ANYONE. Will I have to learn new features? To do what you’ve always done with the Launchpad, no. If you’d like to utilize some of the new widgets, yes, but it’s very intuitive (like adding a new link into the Launchpad yourself, for access to your email or social media!). Can I keep the old interface? No, this update is system wide for security and modernization purposes.

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