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Flexmls Master Bedroom Update

CHS MLS is always working to enhance the data in the system while ensuring it meets certification requirements from the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO). In many areas and also with RESO, the term "Master Bedroom" has been removed in favor of the term "Primary Bedroom."

Beginning February 28 you'll see two bedroom field updates in the system:

  1. For listing input or maintenance, you'll see a new field on the Main tab labeled "Primary Bedroom - Main Level." This will be a yes/no field and will be required. This new field will allow for easier searching in the MLS for those agents who specifically need the primary bedroom on the main level.

  2. The Master Bedroom Detail group will be re-named to Primary Bedroom. The field options will stay the same and this group will not be required. In this detail group, you may still specify whether the Primary Bedroom is upstairs or downstairs (as when the primary bedroom is on the main level, which may be upstairs on a second floor).

No historical data will be affected. However, every active, active contingent and pending listing input prior to the update will be required to update that main field and answer yes/no when closing out the listing.

If you have any saved searches with the formerly titled field "Master Bedroom" included, they will be proactively updated by the FBS Data programming team (the provider of the Flexmls platform).

Drop us a note at with any questions!

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