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Flexmls: Guided Help Resource

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Flexmls offers a unique third-party help program that is built right into the system: Guided Help. The program detects where you are in Flexmls and can "walk" you through the steps to complete a wide variety of tasks.

Just click "Guided Help" next to the Flexmls Quick Launch bar and dive in!

Guided Help Tours

Simply select a topic you’d like to learn more about and the Flexmls System will instantly start guiding you through the process, step-by-step

Guided Help Resource Center

Guided Help Search Bar

This powerful searching tool allows you to free-word search for topics you want to find: specific Flexmls system features, upcoming trainings, video tutorials, and more. Simply start typing and you will have multiple resources appear at your fingertips.

Guided Tours

Guided Help Smart Tips

You will start noticing small question marks with a circle around them sprinkled throughout the Flexmls System. They’re small in size, but mighty in knowledge. You can click or hover on a smart tip to learn more about a particular feature. You can learn something new without even trying.

To utilize Guided Help, just click "Guided Help" next to the Flexmls Quick Launch bar and dive in!

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