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Refreshed Media Gallery

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Virtual Tour

With the increased use of virtual tours and videos to show homes, we’re excited to announce a refreshed media gallery where videos and virtual tours are built right in to all Flexmls platforms.

What Will Change? Previously, videos and virtual tours were available on the Photos tab in search results, but they could be difficult to locate or notice. Extra clicks were required to view videos or virtual tours.

With this change, videos and virtual tours are displayed inline with photos in a single media gallery. Any videos and virtual tours will be displayed directly after the primary photo in the filmstrip view at the bottom of the page. Videos will be displayed with a preview image and a “play” icon. Virtual tours will be displayed with a preview image and a “360-degree view” icon. Videos will typically play in place. Virtual tours will typically open in a new browser tab.

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