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  • Caitlin Webb

ShowingTime Reports: do you know your data?

Updated: Oct 2

If you use ShowingTime to help manage your showings, you have access to several reports to help you stay organized, make decisions and share information quickly with your clients.

REPORT 1: Showings I Have Requested

When a client reaches out and says they liked the blue house you showed them last Wednesday, don’t panic if you can't recall exactly which one it was. With ShowingTime’s Showings I Have Requested report, you can easily see all showings you scheduled, attended or cancelled within a time frame of your choosing, as well as the details of the showing such as date, time and client name. You may also filter this report by client name. Having all the data at your fingertips makes it easier than ever to give your clients a five-star experience.

REPORT 2: Target Market Analysis

When working with your client to price their listing, the Target Market Analysis report, available to ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk subscribers, will help you determine how similar homes are showing. The report uses available active inventory to give you data on market performance.

REPORT 3: Listing Activity Report

The most widely-used ShowingTime report is the Listing Activity Report. Each of your listings has their own report that tells you all the activities that took place or will be taking place. You can quickly download, email or schedule the report to send to you automatically. You can also offer a view of a homeowner’s version of the report to clients through Home by ShowingTime* or email it to them to keep them in loop throughout the selling process.

REPORT 4: Activity on Comparables

The Activity on Comparables report, available to ShowingTime Appointment Center and ShowingTime Front Desk subscribers, provides a breakdown of all agents that have scheduled an appointment on or inquired about any listing in your office. You can see which agents in your office have buyers looking for a home that matches your listings’ price range. Then, reach out to that agent to let them know they may want to show your listing.


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