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SentriLock System Enhancements News

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

This year, CHS Regional MLS’s lockbox vendor, SentriLock, has been working to integrate some changes to their systems to upgrade functionality and enhance the technology available to you.

SentriLock’s SentriKey smartphone app (available for iOS or Android devices) is the primary tool for accessing lockboxes as of January 3, 2022. The SentriCard will no longer work to open a key compartment at that date (but would work for various functions for the owner of a NON-BLUETOOTH lockbox. More detail below).

New SentriLock users will be onboarded with the app only

As of April 1, 2021, all new users to the SentriLock system are being onboarded with the SentriKey app only. CHS MLS successfully began utilizing this process in 2020 due to the pandemic and the user feedback was very positive as it’s a much more streamlined way to get set up. New SentriLock users will have access to boxes across the Lowcountry, without ever needing to visit the CHS MLS offices in person.

With the SentriKey® Real Estate app, the user experience improves in several ways:

  • No need for card renewals – ever!

  • Immediate notifications when someone enters and leaves a property – no card related delays.

  • The ability to use Touch ID and Facial Recognition to streamline the access process.

  • Property details through SentriLock's listing detail partners.

  • More features with the app – Agent Safety, report key missing, and listing agent information.


The SentriCard will no longer be supported by SentriLock beginning January 2022 As of January 3, SentriLock exclusively uses the SentriKey app as a means to access the key compartment.

If you have a SentriCard and are the owner of non-Bluetooth lockboxes, you may keep the card and use it to maintenance those older boxes. If you do NOT own any non-Bluetooth lockboxes, you may dispose of your card or return it to the CHS MLS offices.

HOW WILL THIS AFFECT HOW I USE LOCKBOXES? Currently, you may continue to use your lockboxes normally. Beginning January 2022, the changes below would apply.

Any Bluetooth-enabled lockbox will continue to work normally with the SentriKey app. A non-Bluetooth box may be accessed via the app with a code, produced by the app. To see how you would open a non-Bluetooth lockbox with SentriKey, watch this short video.

  • SentriLock will no longer sell SentriCards, with the exception of replacement cards for non-Bluetooth® Realtor® Lockbox owners.

  • The only use of the SentriCard will be for owners of a non-Bluetooth® Realtor® Lockbox to enable them to take ownership of a lockbox, and a few maintenance functions like replacing the battery and resetting the clock of a dead non-Bluetooth box.

  • All previous generations of lockboxes (with or without Bluetooth®) can continue to be accessed by using the SentriKey app.

  • Non Bluetooth® lockboxes can be accessed through app-generated codes entered via the lockbox keypad.

What If I Have to Access Non-Bluetooth® Lockboxes in the Field?

The app can do that! If you come across a non-Bluetooth® box, you will still be able to access the key compartment. The app will produce a code for you to type in. Click here to watch a short video to see it in action.

What if I own really old, non-Bluetooth boxes?

If you own older boxes, the functionality offered will depend on the version. If you have a Gen I Lockbox still running on the oldest firmware, you will be contacted directly by MLS staff with further detail. You may keep your SentriCard to maintenance these older boxes, and it will retain some functionality for you as the owner (but remember - it will not open the key compartment).


Join us for live webinar training in January via the training page. You'll see a full tutorial of the SentriKey app, and have the opportunity to cover questions directly with an expert SentriLock trainer!

Visit the SentriLock Resource page to find three top resources for learning how to use the SentriKey app, and more.


Why is this happening? SentriLock’s app technology is growing quickly and reliance on software, not hardware, may only increase in coming years in many areas of business. They have made the business decision to deprecate the physical cards.

If I already have a SentriCard, will it still work? If you currently have a SentriCard, you may use it without any change in functionality until January 3, 2022. At that date, it will no longer work to open the key compartment. If you are an older box owner, however, it would work for various maintenance functions (i.e. resetting clock, contractor codes, etc.)

If I already have a SentriCard, should I get rid of it in January? This depends on whether or not you own older, non-Bluetooth boxes. If you ONLY own all newer, Bluetooth-enabled lockboxes (see image farther above), you may get rid of your card and move 100% to the SentriKey app. If you own older, non-Bluetooth boxes - plan to keep your SentriCard for maintenance functionality, but remember it will not open the key compartment after January 2022.

How do I tell if I have older boxes? Non-Bluetooth lockboxes will have a firmware version prior to 50.0. You can lookup your lockbox data at or ask for help getting a list of your boxes. Any lockbox with a firmware version of 50 and greater will be Bluetooth lockboxes.

Do I have a deposit on file for my SentriCard, and can I get it back? Beginning on April 1, 2021, any user that currently has a card or reader may return either or both and receive their deposit back. We cannot give cash or account credit. A check will be issued, and mailed to your address on file, provided you have remained active, and not forfeited your deposit.

What about SentriLock lockboxes that are not Bluetooth? There are still boxes in the field that are not Bluetooth enabled. If you use the SentriKey app, and come across one of these boxes, you can still access the key compartment! The app will produce a code for you to type in.

I purchased some older lockboxes from another agent. How do I take ownership? An older, non-BLE lockbox will only be able to complete a transfer to a new owner with a SentriCard. This means that in various, unusual cases, you may still use a SentriCard to complete this function. Please contact CHS MLS for assistance with this task, should you purchase older, non-Bluetooth boxes from another licensee.

Note, however, that if you do not already have a SentriCard, and are a SentriKey app-only user, you CANNOT take ownership of an older, non-Bluetooth lockbox.

What if I own older boxes? If you own older boxes, the functionality offered will depend on the version. If you have a Gen I Lockbox still running on the oldest firmware, you will be contacted directly by MLS staff with further detail.

What is the SentriLock Annual Renewal fee? The $25 SentriLock Access Renewal fee, invoiced annually on the Q1 MLS bill to the MLS Participant, covers access to the full SentriLock service, including SentriKey (not just SentriCard).

How do I create contractor codes in the future? If you are enabling the contractor code function on an older, non-Bluetooth lockbox, you can still enable this function using your old SentriCard as you always have.

If you are enabling this function on a Bluetooth box, you can use the app as detailed below:

1. Select Lockbox Tools in the Mobile App

2. Press the ENT button on the lockbox keypad to ‘wake’ it up

3. Choose the lockbox serial number in the list

4. Select Enable Contractor Mode

5. Enter your PIN and press OK

6. Tap OK on the pop-up screen to complete

How do I create one day codes in the future? To generate a One Day Code, follow these steps:

1. In the app, tap the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen.

2. Tap My Lockboxes.

3. Tap Get One Day Code.

4. Tap the desired lockbox in the list.

5. Select the date the code will be active.

6. Tap Get One Day Code.

7. Enter your PIN and tap One Day Code, or use Touch ID / Face ID.

8. The One Day Code will be displayed along with steps to use it and share it. Then tap Done.

How do you open the key compartment on a non-Bluetooth box with SentriKey? The app will produce a code to enter on the lockbox keypad for key compartment entry. Watch the short video below to see how it works!

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