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SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App Udated

We’re excited to announce that our vendor SentriKey® Real Estate updated the mobile app to make it easier than ever to end a showing. This improvement ensures that listing agents and homeowners receive timely notice when a showing is complete. What’s changing? They’ve gotten rid of the stopwatch icon in the top right corner of your showing information carousel. The blue “End Showing” button is now red to make it easily distinguishable and is now more visible in the showing information carousel as well as on the home screen of your app.

How does this improve the REALTOR® experience? This reconfiguration will allow showing agents to manually end showings in a more timely fashion, since the button is now accessible at any time on the home screen, even if you minimize the app. Why is this important? With this change, SentriLock is able to provide more precise showing data to REALTORS® more efficiently. That being said, SentriLock will continue to automatically end a showing in the case that the agent does not do so themselves. However, manually ending the showing will provide the most accurate notification to agents and homeowners.

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