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New! Resize columns in FlexMLS

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Our trusted MLS vendor, FlexMLS, is making it easier for you to adjust your view of search results in Flexmls Web, both on-screen and on the printed page. On August 15, you’ll be able to click and drag to resize columns to your heart’s content.

With this change, you can modify the width of any column in the one-line and normal views on the List tab of search results. Click on a column separator in the header and drag the double arrow to adjust the width.

You can also adjust columns to better fit on the page when printing. To open the print preview, click the Print button on the search results page and then click Preview. Adjust the column widths just like on the search results page, by clicking a column separator and dragging the double arrow. Column headings will wrap to the next line automatically as you make columns smaller.

Note: Column sizes on the search results page are independent of column sizes in the print preview. Resizing one does not resize the other. Adjust columns on the search results page for the best on-screen view and adjust columns on the print preview page for optimal printing.

Your adjusted column sizes are saved automatically. To reset column sizes to the browser default, click the Reset Columns link.

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