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New! Hide Listings in Subscription Preview

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Starting October 10th, you’ll be able to reject listings in subscription preview mode in Flexmls Web. Preview mode allows you to choose which subscription listing updates are emailed to a contact or displayed in the contact’s news feed.

What Will Change Currently in preview mode, you can only approve the listings that you want to send to your client. Unapproved listings that meet the subscription’s search criteria will continue to be displayed every time you preview the subscription.

With this change, a Reject button will become available in preview mode.

When you click Reject, the Hide Listing icon (red circle with a slash) will be selected. The selected listing will move to the Hidden by Agent listing collection for the contact and it won’t be shown again in preview mode.

You can reinstate a hidden listing at any time by going to the Portal tab for the contact in Flexmls. Click on the Hidden by Agent listing collection.

The search results page will open with the listing collection displayed. Click the Hide Listing icon for a listing to clear it and remove the listing from the Hidden By Agent collection.

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