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  • Caitlin Webb

New CHS MLS Support Options

Updated: 2 days ago

While the CHS MLS offices remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we want to make sure you know we are still here for you! Staff is working virtually, and our support volume is normal - but we miss being able to see you in the office!

To allow for some "face-to-face" assistance, we're launching a new support feature, and also bonus access to our staff-curated Knowledge Base.


If you have an issue where you normally would have dropped by to see us with your question - the Support Drop-In is for you. You can schedule this so we each have everything we need prepared to work through your issue, and we'll also be able to see and control your computer via remote access, if that is requested.

For your virtual support session - choose a time here.


CHS MLS staff has curated a variety of help articles in the CHS MLS Knowledge Base that answer our most frequently asked questions on the support line.

Our new Help Widget on the MLS Launchpad now gives you easy access to the Base, and can also suggest articles that you may need, without leaving the Launchpad!

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