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Map View from News Feed, Faster Filter & More Tab Enhancements

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Beginning November 27, you’ll see improvements to Flexmls Pro for Android/Mobile Web for both clients and agents. Clients viewing their News Feed will now be able to view the listings on the map. In addition to this, you’ll see increased efficiency when applying filters to your search and accessing additional menu options while reviewing listings.

What Will Change

Map View from the News Feed

When a client is viewing their News Feed on a mobile website, they’ll be able to toggle to the Map view by clicking the map icon near the bottom of the screen.

A Faster Filter

When searching for listings, tapping the Filter button opens the Filter overlay allowing you to select your search criteria. Tap View Listings to view listings that match your search criteria or tap Cancel to close the filter and return to the previous screen. Tap Reset Filters to clear your current search criteria.

Changes to the More Tab and Icons

Some items from the More tab (three lines) will now be found under a new Avatar tab. Tapping the Avatar tab gives you access to your Profile, My Listings, and the Logout functions. Tapping the More Tab gives you access to Messages and the Office/Member search.

Please note that for clients viewing listings, the More tab icon will be replaced with the Avatar icon, but the functionality will remain the same.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to improve the Flexmls Pro App for Mobile Web and Android. Viewing the News Feed listings on the map view allows clients to quickly view the location of listings in the News Feed. Additionally, the small changes to the Filter function and More tab provide a smoother user experience that will remain consistent across mobile devices.

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