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FloPlan: Every Home Has a Flo

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Every home has a flow. Capture that flow with the FlōPlan System: the fast, easy, affordable way to enhance every listing with a floor plan.

Every homebuyer wants to know: “What’s this home’s flow?” NAR* research consistently shows that consumers want floor plans and find them valuable**. Yet today, most listings go without. Why? Because floor plan technology often requires the purchase of costly equipment that is difficult to learn and use.


The FlōPlan® System is the evolution in floor plan technology that makes having a floor plan on every one of your listings easy. With FlōPlan, all you need is your cell phone and just 10 minutes to scan your listing. In about a day, you’ll get a completed floor plan that you can easily link to your listing in the MLS for just $29.00 per home scan. No extra equipment, expensive gadgets, or time consuming training or gimmicks. Just you and your cell phone to get an awesome, 2D floor plan of a property!

You can start using FlōPlan today! Access it via their website here, your listing maintenance screen in Flexmls, or via their app on Android or iOS devices.

Find out more about how to get started on FloPlan here.

Simply download the app, scan the subject property (or invite someone to scan!) and in about a day, a complete floor plan is ready to link directly to the listing – fully integrated with the Flexmls System. No extra training, equipment (or frustration); fast, easy and affordable – anyone can do it!

Try it today and reach out to if you have any questions or visit the FloPlan Learning Library!

The FloPlan team has setup a wide variety of videos and resources for you to understand this awesome tool quickly - check out their videos on How to Invite a Collaborator to FloPlan or watch a FloPlan user just like you scan a home!

Do you have 2 or more Active or A/C listings in MLS? You could earn a free scan if you are new to FloPlan!

Agents who have 2 or more active listings, who complete their FlōPlan account setup will be awarded a free floor plan to get familiar with the FlōPlan System. Users who have 2 or more listings in Active, or Active Contingent status at the time of entering their payment method will have a free floor plan credited to their account automatically. If an eligible user has a pending scan, the free credit will be applied to their pending scan. Agents will be notified of their free floor plan credit via email.

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